2017 Best Cars for Families

With the tough economy and the high gas prices,having a family car is more economical.A good family car should have all the requirements to ensure both adults and children fit in comfortably.Depending with ones financial capability and comfort,luxurious SUVS make better family cars.

Make sure your family travels safely and comfortably by choosing the right car. Family vehicle body styles include minivans, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), wagons or mid- to large-sized sedans, but there’s much more to consider when you choose the best car to fit your family’s needs. You should also note safety, reliability, handling, economy and personal preferences — such as size of the cargo area, ease of car seat installation and possibly a few nifty extras — for each type

However, SUVs can be gas guzzlers. They’re also more prone to rollovers, and may be difficult for little ones to get in and out of. And when it comes to cargo, even grown-ups may have trouble loading groceries and other necessities into some SUVs because of high thresholds.

While they’re strong, SUVs also may not be the safest transportation option for your family. Behind minivans, SUVs are the second most popular way to transport children, yet are twice as deadly for children as minivans, since that aforementioned heavier body weight makes them more prone to rollovers.

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You need to consider the safety of the family car, the cargo space and the vehicle should be able to be driven well on a rough terrain,the leg space ensures comfortable travel for long distances.

Jamie Page Deaton | March 7, 2017

Like most parts of family life, finding the right family car is all about striking a balance, and the Best Cars for Families do just that.  Each of the award winners have the best combination of positive reviews from professional car critics, safety ratings, space, and available tech features.  The awards cover 18 different automotive classes, so there’s a winner that will work for your space and budget. Beyond that, the awards highlight the cars, minivans, and SUVs that work for all stages of family life, from bringing home a baby, to handing the keys over to a teen driver, to helping out an aging family member.

How We Found the Best Cars for Families

To choose the award winners, we looked at 211 new cars, SUVs, and minivans currently on sale. The award methodology combines professional automotive reviews, safety and reliability ratings, seating and cargo volume, and the availability of family-friendly features. Within each of the 18 automotive classes covered by the awards, the vehicle with the highest composite score is named the Best Car for Families in that category.

Family-Friendly Features

Winners like the Ford Edge, Kia Soul, Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid, and Cadillac Escalade have systems that let parents set limits on or monitor teen drivers, helping develop good driving habits even when mom or dad can’t be in the car. Other winners, such as the BMW X3, Chevrolet Tahoe, and Infiniti QX60, have in-car Wi-Fi hot spots so the whole family can be connected while on the go.

 All of the winners have available advanced driver assistance features, like blind spot warning, forward collision warning, and automatic braking, to help prevent a collision.  Trading up to a larger vehicle as your family grows can be a bit daunting, but advanced rearview camera and parking systems, like the ones in the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Kia Cadenza, Lincoln MKX, Cadillac Escalade, and others, can make parking a large vehicle less of a chore.

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