You too can ride a Luxurious Car

Luxury vehicles are simply cars that owners own for the sake of having a good time. They do not care about the costly fuel or rigorous maintenance needed. They only care about owning or being seen with a luxurious car but the word luxury has different meanings.

If, 20 years ago, you’d asked someone to sum up what goes into a luxury car, the equation would have been simple: wood + leather = luxury. From family cars with delusions of grandeur right up to the finest handcrafted limos, a chunk of walnut and lashings of cow used to be more than enough to convince drivers that they were buying into the high life.

Today, though, luxury cars are changing. In spite of the global recession and only a tentative recovery, sales of premium vehicles are soaring. No surprise, then, that even mass-market manufacturers are hoping to grab a slice of the premium pie – putting pressure on the more established prestige marques to offer customers something over and above the traditional mainstays of automotive luxury.

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If you cannot afford a luxury vehicle then why not hire one for yourself and your friends. Most of the times people will hire limos for proms and weddings but why not hire it for a fun night and get to experience the life? It will be much cheaper since you do not have to worry about the fuel or the maintenance.


1. A limo makes a fine holiday gift

I once rented a limo for my wife, her two sisters, her niece, and her sister-in-law so they could get a massage at a local spa – it was my Christmas present for all of them. While it wasn’t cheap, once I subtracted what I would’ve spent on individual gifts, it wasn’t a financial bloodbath either – $400 for the limo, and $300 for the spa. That’s $140 per woman. And they talked about it right through the next Christmas.

2. Travel on a weekday

Weekends for limo drivers are like weekdays to us. Sam’s weekends were mostly Mondays and Tuesdays, unless rich people were flying into town for concerts or other special events. Sometimes he had convention clients who came in on Wednesdays, but as a sole proprietor (as opposed to driving for a company), he would offer deep discounts for weekday work.

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Luxury is not only a privilege for the rich and famous. In Nairobi Kenya, public transportation is a luxury. You do not have to take a limo to a party; you can as well take it to work. Kenyan matatus are known for great graffiti, flat screen televisions and even aquarium floors! Now there is a limo matatu that everyone is dashing for

So when you think the creativity game of this fellas is on the A level, another brand new baby-“Stone” from Route 39 serving Ruai, Kamulu and Joska gets tongues wagging.

Well,this matatu looks better than any Westland’s VIP lounges. Talk of the leather couches (NOT SEATS),the lighting ambiance,a sink with wine glasses ready to get you on the “Hacienda” mood before you get into that boring mediocre single or bedsitter room you call home.

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